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If you have old cine film sitting in a box in the attic, or photo albums that have seen better days, or even more recent video footage that you don’t quite know what do with, then why not let us help you create something unique? We can convert older footage in to digital format and intercut it with the interviewee speaking to create a unique audio-visual experience.

For an even more unique experience we will video record the interview, using HD video cameras, and produce the interview intercut and curated with your own cinefilm, photos and slides, as well as the interview footage itself.

This is a unique and intimate opportunity to record the emotions and reactions of watching often “lost” footage and capturing the commentary to the footage. Our interviewers will gently probe their memories and ask questions to gain a deeper insight.

All you need to do with Memory Curator is to provide us with the original footage, whether it’s on cine film, slides, photos, VHS, Betamax – in fact any type of footage and we’ll digitise it. Once it’s been digitised (and preserved) we can use as much or as little as you require. In essence you can be the Director of the new movie.

The interviewee can be interviewed with the newly restored footage and presented seamlessly on a our digital projector or on large, high definition Apple Mac widescreen monitor. The “screening” sesssion is recorded to capture the commentary and is later edited, and can be intercut with the Musical Memoir interview.

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Converting and restoring old photos and cine film.

We can take that cinefilm and old photos digitise and restore them to be used as the backdrop to the interview.

We’ll transfer your 16mm, Super 8 or Standard 8 in to digital format to create a unique programme for you to watch and enjoy., or to computer video files or miniDV tape for you to edit at home. We digitally enhance your films to make them more vibrant, clearer and brighter.

Film Formats. We can work with virtually all types of silent and sound cine film including 16mm, Standard 8 and Super 8 from the 1920’s right up to the latest film projects by students using Super 8 and 16mm.

If you already have digital footage, then this can be copied and edited very easily. We’ll make copies of the original source to construct a very personal story.

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