Keith Richards appeared on DID in October 2015 and for me he was in my “Must Listen To” category. He was great on DID and told some illuminating anecdotes and emanated warmth as well as his love of Blues through his choices, as well as classical music. I read Keith’s autobiography “Life” a couple of years ago and he told all about his life and of course, being in The Rolling Stones. Unlike a lot of autobiographies he didn’t hold back and it was reported that Mick Jagger was angry about some of his revelations but deep down they are “brothers”. But having read Life I liked Keith even more than before. I would recommend his book and his appearance on DID (available on podcast on iTunes).

Keith’s choices:

Chuck Berry – Wee Wee Hours (1955)
Hank Williams – You Win Again (1952)
Aaron Neville – My True Story (2013, but a tribute to Neville’s youth)
Etta James – Sugar On The Floor (1978)
Freddie Scott – Are You Lonely For Me (1966)
Gregory Isaacs – Extra Classic (1977)
Nigel Kennedy and the English Chamber Orchestra – Spring from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (recorded 1989)
Little Walter – Key To The Highway (1958)