Where is your recording studio?

We have a studio in West Sussex, near Brighton, which is an oak beamed converted barn and we also use a studio in London, near Victoria. However, we can record all of our interviews at a place of our client’s choosing, usually at their home.

Can the interview take place at my home?

Yes, absolutely. Many of our interviews have been recorded at our client’s homes as all of our equipment is easy to transport and set up. We do advise that telephones are switched off and that noisy pets are relocated for the duration of the interview, unless they are essential to the interview itself!

What equipment do you use?

We use professional microphones, RODE Shotgun Mics and Lavalier microphones (lapel microphones) to capture high quality audio. The interview is recorded digitally on 4 tracks in to a ZOOM recorder and edited on Apple Mac computers using specialist software for audio and video editing.

What happens to the recorded interview once it’s been edited?

Once we have completed the editing we will load the interview on to CD (up to 10 copies) or other digital version, or host the interview on the secure pages of our website which will be unique to the client. You can then invite people to listen to the interview or provide downloading permission to the people that you choose.

Who owns the copyright to the interview?

As we are the creator of the product, we own the copyright, design and all other intellectual property rights to the product. However, subject to payment, we license all such rights to you free of charge and will provide copies of the recorded interview, with the accompanying musical choices as licensed by the Performing Rights Society under the terms of our Limited Manufacture licence with the PRS.

What about the copyright to any music that you use?

We are licensed by the Performing Rights Society for Music. The PRS licenses organisations to play, perform or make available copyright music on behalf of its members and overseas societies, and distribute the resulting royalties to them fairly and efficiently. The PRS promote and protect the value of copyright.

Who are your Interviewers?

We work with a small number of professional interviewers who have been trained in narrative coaching and counselling. This means they are highly experienced to working with people who are not used to being interviewed and they are skilled at developing rapport with the interviewee and guiding the interview taking into consideration the feelings and memories that might be excavated during the interview process. Many of our clients have commented that the interview was the first time that they had told anyone their memories and feelings.  This is the unique aspect of Musical Memoir.

How much does it cost?

Our interviews start at £495 for a completely unique experience. If we need to travel outside of London, Sussex, Surrey, Kent or Hampshire then there will be an additional travel supplement that we would be happy to discuss on the phone.

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