I had read on a couple of different occasions that the greatest DID controversy was when Lady Diana Mosley was interviewed by Sue Lawley in 1989. Lady Mosley was, of course, the widow of wartime fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley.

Lady Mosley sparked outrage, and hundreds of complaints to the BBC, when she described Adolf Hitler as “fascinating”. The following exchange then took place between presenter and castaway.

Sue Lawley: ‘What about the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis?’ Lady Mosley: ‘Oh no, I don’t think it was that many.’ Long pause. ‘Tell us about your fifth record, Lady Mosley.’

Extraordinarily, the interview with Lady Mosley was first scheduled on Yom Kippur, then on Rosh Hashanah, then on the day of the Jewish ex-servicemen’s memorial parade, before being moved yet again. The BBC’s chairman apologised in writing.