The perfect gift

Musical Memoir is the perfect gift to celebrate a special event – a birthday, an anniversary or just to celebrate someone’s life – and share those stories with the people that matter the most to them. Needless to say, the interview is unique to the interviewee – it’s their stories and their musical choices. The interviewer will skilfully guide the interviewee to record an interview that is unique.

They will be interviewed by a highly experienced interviewer who has been trained in oral history interviewing and narrative coaching. Some of our interviewers have broadcast journalism experience. All are highly skilled at developing rapport and interviewing people who may not have experience of being interviewed, so they quickly feel at ease and are comfortable sharing their life stories and their musical choices.

Of course it’s entirely up to the interviewee to choose what they would like to talk about but we’ll help them prepare beforehand and the interview is a very enjoyable experience. Many people find that the interview helps them make sense of past events and even find it therapeutic.


Unique and lasting experience

Where some gift experiences are adrenaline-fuelled, lasting a few short minutes, our interviews typically take up to 2 hours and can be enjoyed long after the interview itself. In fact the fun starts beforehand when the interviewee decides (agonises over!) what their musical choices are. Many of our interviewees say that this is the hardest part – whittling a lifetime of music down to just 10 musical choices, but they have great fun doing it.

The interview is recorded using broadcast quality recording equipment and is professionally edited to include the full musical choices and the finished interview. This will be provided to them on their choice of media formats including CD, Podcast, Memory Stick, DVD or even Vinyl. We can produce personalised CD and record covers with a choice of words and pictures.

The interview can also be confidentially hosted on the Musical Memoir website so that people can be invited to listen to it. We can provide a custom designed email to be sent to their chosen invite list.

We sat in the rain singing our hearts out to “The White Cliffs of Dover”

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